Monique still on calypso throne
Local Vibes
June 18, 2004
Monique still on calypso throne

Princess Monique continues her reign as Queen of Calypso for yet another year.
At the end of the Carib Beer Queen of Calypso last Saturday night her renditions “15 Talking Heads” and “Unwanted” were enough to convince the judges to return her to reign as National Queen of Calypso.{{more}}
Monique once again demonstrated that she has graduated from a good school of kaiso, that being the Trinidad scene. Her diction was crystal clear, her movements precise and she continues to enamour herself to the local fans. There were therefore few dissenters when she was announced winner.
Her spectacle of a performance edged out veteran calypsonian, Aloma “Fatty Dan” Codougan’s “Age Is Honour”, whose “Instrument Of Liberation” was not enough to propel her into first position. Fatty Dan’s first song paid tribute to our senior citizens while the second, introduced by Glenroy “Sulle” Caesar in the role of drummer in a song we suspect he penned, was greatly enhanced by her dress, appropriate choreography and dancers and powerful delivery.
Self-acclaimed Calypso Prophet, Bridgette “Joy C” Creese should have seen the signs from the first round. Her very spirited renditions “No Sankey Sing So With Me” and “Haiti And The Caribbean”, although echoed from the lips by many in the crowd, failed to create that miracle impact she had hoped for. It was vintage Joy C though not enough to change the minds of the judging panel. The three-time Calypso Queen and former Calypso Monarch therefore had to rest, perhaps uncomfortably in the third position.
Patricia “Pat” Ralph is now a seasoned campaigner and was good but needed a little more than “All We Need Is Love” and “Woman” to come even close to interrupting Monique’s reign.
Cecile “Little Bit” Murray had much to regret with her renditions of “No Regrets” and may have ended up in a “Quarrel” over the final decision as this was one of her better performances in years. Her delivery this year was stepped up a notch, but then she must, if she intends to compete with the likes of Joy C and Monique.
But this was an evening of fierce competition, which saw a “Tribute To Caribbean Woman” powerfully reverberated by Kahailia “Kahaijah” Beache. Though her social commentary in the second round blended well with the backing melody of the band Signal, it still had to face “De Real Problem” about the judges’ point standings while, Denise “Lady D” Stephens tried with “Save Mother Earth” with her “Cries From The Corner”.
Creating a buzz through out the crowd was Andreine “Ranking Bash” Baptiste, a second time performer in the “Big Yard.” Her high adrenaline and compelling performances of “Be Quiet” and “Living Legend” were yet to amuse or, it seems, impress the judges, though sections of the audience cheered her on. She is one who will only develop in the future.
The eight ladies in this year’s Queen of Calypso competition all delivered well and may well be fancying their chances of competing comfortably among their male counterparts in this year’s Calypso Monarch finals.