Gonsalves confident of ULP victory with Grace in North Windward
Grace Walters speaking at the handing over of 21 houses in North Windward on Tuesday
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September 29, 2023
Gonsalves confident of ULP victory with Grace in North Windward

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves is confident that the ruling Unity Labour Party will continue to reign in the constituency of North Windward after the next general elections in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Gonsalves, who is also the ULP’s Political Leader, made his feelings known at a function in Orange Hill on Tuesday September 26.

Delivering the feature address at the handing over of 21 new houses at Orange Hill, Gonsalves said “Gomery has brought us safe thus far, and Grace will lead us home”.

Montgomery (Gomery) Daniel is the incumbent ULP representative for the constituency and has been successful in every election since 2001.

For the upcoming election, he is likely to be replaced by a new candidate, Dr Grace Walters.

The Prime Minister has seemingly coined the slogan from the hymn Amazing Grace, using the names of both the outgoing and incoming ULP candidate for North Windward.

Daniel is also the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Works.

“Montgomery Daniel has been a titan; the man has been an amazing representative,” Gonsalves commented. The prime minister added that because of ‘Amazing Grace’, “those who were once blind, they can now see.”

Dr Grace Walters is the Administrator at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, and has also served as a staff nurse and a midwife in the health sector.

Predicting “six in a row,” Gonsalves recalled the many strides made in North Windward, since the ULP formed government in 2001.

He pointed out that prior to the advent of the ULP government, there was no secondary school in North Windward, no resident doctor, no ambulance service, and no bridge across the Rabacca Dry River.

The 21 new houses at Orange Hill were constructed by the Roads Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA), with funding from the Mustique Charitable Trust.

These houses at Lot 3 in Orange Hill were constructed for persons who were displaced by the 2021 volcanic eruptions.

“You getting these houses free,” Gonsalves told the large gathering at Orange Hill on Tuesday.

The houses have already been fitted for water and electricity, and the new owners are responsible for getting the necessary connections.

Last year, government handed over 27 houses at another site at Orange Hill and a further 20 houses are under construction in Sandy Bay.

In an effort to ensure that the houses are cared for and cleanliness is observed, a Community Housing Association would be established.

The Prime Minister indicated that this association would include representatives from government, the Mustique Charitable Trust and the community.

“We could build these, but we have to make sure that they are properly maintained.”

The Prime Minister says he wants to ensure that Orange Hill becomes “a community in which the young people will grow up feeling very proud.”

Over the years, the NDP has been critical of the government for making huge capital investments in North Windward, which is part of the red volcanic hazard zone.

Gonsalves said on Tuesday, that it’s like they want north of the Dry River to become a grave yard .

“Well if that is what you want, we must make in this area, an NDP grave yard,” Gonsalves insisted.