From the Courts
July 12, 2016
Man to pay $200 for stealing bottle of Alcolado

“Officer, I was feeling bad and I smell the Alcolado and put it in my pocket and forget it.”

This was Casmore Fraser’s explanation for shoplifting at Massy Stores in Kingstown.{{more}}

On July 8, Fraser was being monitored on surveillance cameras by an employee at Massy Stores, when they noticed him picking up several items and placing them back on the shelves.

After the employee saw Fraser place a bottle of Alcolado Glacial in his pocket, the worker approached him and requested a search of his person.

The small bottle was discovered in the man’s right pants pocket.

The matter was reported to the police, who came and took Fraser away.

When he appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court yesterday, he pleaded guilty.

“I wasn’t feeling good. I’m very sorry,” he said.

Magistrate Bertie Pompey said that he had to determine whether Fraser was a compulsive thief or if his crime was one of necessity.

He also noted that Fraser had two previous convictions for offences of dishonesty.

Fraser was fined $200, to be paid in two weeks. Failure to pay would result in a two-month imprisonment.

Pompey also made a confiscation order for the bottle of Alcolado Glacial. (CA)