From the Courts
July 20, 2012
Browne-Matthias is temporary president of Family Court

Rechanne Browne-Matthias has been sworn in as temporary president of the Family Court.{{more}}

Browne-Matthias was officially sworn in on July 17, at Government House, in the presence of members of her family and other members of the legal fraternity.

The ceremony also saw in attendance this country’s Governor General, Sir Frederick Ballantyne, Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan, Chief Magistrate Sonya Young and Senior Magistrate Donald Browne, among others.

The attorney officially took over duties from president of the Family Court Colleen McDonald, who is currently on leave.

And with her new role, Browne-Matthias, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, said she embraces the opportunity and is looking forward to carrying on the work of the country.

“I am just trusting and endeavouring to do my best to ensure that justice is achieved for all parties concerned. It is my hope to dispense justice fairly and keeping in mind that the paramount focus is always the interest of the child,” related the barrister and solicitor of 12 years.

Having practised privately along with her father, attorney R. Theodore L. V Browne, Browne-Matthias said she has dealt with a number of matters that were family related, since being called to the Bar.

“This is really an extension of that somewhat. And now, being given the opportunity to serve the people of of St Vincent and the Grenadines in another capacity, the primary focus, again, is always in the interest of the child and that is my sole objective,” Browne-Matthias said.

On her first day on the job, Browne-Matthias stated that over 30 matters were dealt with at the court.

“Once you start, you realize it just flows. I have practised in these courts for a number of years already and I am very familiar with the Family Court, albeit now I am in a different role of judge and jury …,” she remarked.

Stating that her first two days on the new job went “pretty well”, Browne-Matthias said the officers of the Court have been co-operative and that she is going through the process of adjusting.

The lawyer explained that for a period of time, no matters were being heard at the court, but the executive director and legal clerk did their best to schedule matters and prepare the list of cases in the meantime.

“The litigants had been piling up and the work had to go on soonest and it has already commenced,” she stated.

Browne-Matthias, who is also the Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides Association, said she always has the interest of children and young people at heart.

“I have always placed myself in positions where I can help and be an advocate to champion the cause of the children of the nation. I am of the view that persons should be more conscious of the interest of the child,” Browne-Matthias added.

Browne-Matthias revealed that her tenure would be up in March 2013.(KW)