Bassy - Love Vine
December 3, 2004
De first day of Christmas

Ah called Lie-Za to tell her that we had yet another murder, the Taxi driver at Cane Hall. She finally agreed with my suggestion that the best way to attack this Wave of Crime is thru Prayers! And foh the Christmas, every Church door should be open foh the Nine Days before Christmas to permit services either early in the morning, mid-day or in the evening. {{more}}There should be Novena Prayers and Worship Services in every Church, give back the country to the Lord!

And then she said: “Yuh know that in addition to the Taxi Driver there was another murder this week and the Killer still at large. Bursting in shock ah ask her “who”? Calmly she asked “ yuh get yuh November light bill yet? That is ah Killer”!

Really and truly ah con-fuse. Ah few short years ago, Minister Francis made us to believe that Vinlec was ah Bawl Ground foh inefficiency, in order to clean up the mess they had to terminate eight ah the top brass in the company including the company’s most experienced Engineers, Manager and Accountant. Even though ah was expecting ah increase in the Light Bill as ah result ah Bush’s folly, the War in Iraq, my hope was pinned on the Oily Pram-mess that President Chavez made to us. Now even that like it ain’t coming. Ah tell Lie-Za she ain’t see nothing yet, like how she love to Light-up she house foh Santa Claws, wait till she get her December Bill.

She say she writing ah Christmas Pah-wrong Song and beg me to get El Grupo Amistad to back-up her up with the chorus. She even gace me thje first two lines: “ On the First Day of Christmas Vinlec gave to me, aah Light Bill as high as ah Palm Tree.


Ah want to put out an SOS as in Save Our Society foh “Bun Pan”. As ah was telling the members on Sunday, Bun Pan like we Cassava, we Arrowroot, we Sugar Cane, we coconut, we Banana and whatever we had, were all good things, better than any and best among many! But during the glorious days, we tell we-self that the crop will never end; every thing will remain the same way foh-ever. And we never did anything to Add Value to any ah them. And one by one, they had to give way to inferior stuff; our Farine has not improved in appearance, shape and style to capture the house wife like say Wheat Bran. The same can be said foh Arrowroot; ignorance at the top mek we close down we Coconut Oil Factory for inferior Corn and Soy Oils. We tell we-self that all there is to Banana is to dig ah hole, drop ion ah sucker, manure it, harvest it and ship it off to England. And that is what we been doing foh over 50 years. And that is what has happened to Bun Pan. Members paid their annual dues which was ah matter of ah few dollars ah year. But Funeral expenses jumped from $100.00 thirty years ago to five and ten thousand dollars, and the lickle twenty dollars annual death dues just cant keep ah Society of 34, 000 members alive. When they should have added Value to the business they slept. Bun Pan pays over 400 deaths benefits every year, at least one ah day. The Society should have had its own Funeral Home, Factory foh making Coffins, Caskets and burial clothes, Crematory, Floral Industry and the Wuks. But they slept. Today it will tek ah lot ah doing to keep it alive; but it was and still is ah good thing and we should not allow any of our National Monuments to be destroyed without ah fight. Let us ensure that ah proper Administration is in place to manage the Society and SOS!

Lie-Za always got ah bright I-dare on how things should be done. She is suggesting that ah good membership drive would be foh the Society, instead ah waiting till ah member dies to pay up the $5, 000.00 benefit to surviving relatives, could advance yoh some up front, and when yuh dead they tek it back from the full amount! If ah know that Lie-Za she will want all ah that $5, 000.00 now.


Big bet between me and me mentor, Clem Iton de Guru. We have ah special mission that brings us to-gather at least once ah weak. Usually we would agree on most topics, but foh once we decided to agree with ah differ, so only ah bet could settle this one. Now we both agree that with all ah these opening of Projects one after the other, mind yuh some done Con-ceive, some only Per-ceive and some likely to D-ceive! Also the nuff set ah road and construction wuk teking place is not only foh Christmas, but we could look out foh Election next year. Clem bet me is in March. I feel March is too soon, even though March is de Come-red Lucky Month, and he believe in luck, that’s when he won the last Election, but March is Arm-In wife’s birthday and since the last Election, he owes she ah gift foh she birthday, so de Come-red will not tek any chance, he ruling out March. April the month people does fool one another, Pull-ah-trick-hans not excluded, ah good month foh Calm Pain but never foh Election.

De Come-red on the other hand might want to show off on Arm-in and give Heir-Lou-ease, his wife ah Birthday gift and call the Elections in May. The only thing is that May is Sir James’s Birthday too, and the month of May was when NDP won all four Elections. So May is out ah the question. June, July is Carnival, ah bad publicity month foh Pull-ah-trick-hands, that is when them Calypsonians does sing true songs pon them, in only three years, they done start ah sing pon de Come-red already, so them two months out. Ah will come back to August the most likely month and go to October, Arm-in’s birthday, and that is ah clear No! No! September is too risky, that is the big month foh Storms and Hurry-Canes. So it must be August 8th, de Come-red’s birthday!

And foh the lady from Sugar-town who looking out foh Tri Tri, if she ain’t get already on Wednesday or Thus-day, ah feel the heavy rains wash way all.

And wid that ah gone again!

One Love Bassy.