Findlay: Problems in WI cricket must be addressed
May 4, 2007
Findlay: Problems in WI cricket must be addressed

THE NEWLY appointed manager of the West Indies cricket team believes that the players are the product of their environments and stresses that the problems in West Indies cricket are very deep.

Speaking at the launch of the Cable and Wireless telephone directory last Monday, Michael Findlay said that there is an urgent need to arrest the situation, “Otherwise we will lose them,” he said speaking about the current crop of cricketers.{{more}}

Findlay, a former West Indies wicketkeeper, himself an honoree in the directory, passionately told those gathered that the current players needed to play cricket with more heart and discipline.

“Without discipline they can’t reach far, discipline is important,” said Findlay who will lead the 15-man, Ramnaresh Sarwan led squad, picked last Wednesday, for a four-test series in England.

He said that it is easy to see what players are made of when you watch their performance on and off the field.

“You can tell who comes from stable homes,” said Findlay, 63, who played 10 test matches for the West Indies from 1969 to 1973.

While Findlay said that the West Indies don’t have the kind of money that the powerhouse test playing nations have to invest in the development of cricket, be believes that with more commitment, the West Indies team could excel to higher heights in the game.