Special Feature
November 4, 2005
Dr. Friday says NDP strong in Grenadines

Candidate for the Northern Grenadines, Dr.Godwin Friday is confident that the Grenadines is a strong hold for the NDP in the upcoming general elections. Speaking at Greggs on Saturaday 22nd, he said that his party has no need to worry about the ULP’s candidate, Herman Belmar. He said, “No matter what they tell you, the people in the Northern Grenadines will vote solemnly for the NDP; they can’t touch that.” {{more}}

He said there has been no sign of progress in the Northern Grenadines over the past four-and-a-half years. He stated that the fish market was officially opened a little over two months ago and the plumbing is still being fixed and nothing is going on.

Dr. Friday noted that the ULP has done nothing more than a little road work in the Northern Grenadines after $7 million was given to fix the roads in the country and $40,000 was given to Bequia.

He said in Parliament a bill was introduced to spend $25 million to repair roads but it was only an election gimmick that will break the treasury. He claimed that the Northern Grenadines got less than 1% or $150,000 and this was total neglect, and roads were still deteriorating rapidly.

He criticised the ULP for wanting to build the cross-country road for $100 million from the Leeward to the Windward and emphasised that no good reason was given for what he described as “a ridiculous expense.”

The Northern Grenadines representative said it was time to put substance back in governance so that the lives of people could improve. He stated that the ULP should not wait until their final six months in office to care for the needs of people.

Dr. Friday pushed for the elections to be called before Christmas and said that the longer the ULP waited the worse it would be for them. He rated the NDP’s Party leader Arnhim Eustace as being the best leader to guide the country into the era of the CSME and bananas crisis.