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September 27, 2011
We can solve some of our problems by spiritual means

Tue, Sept 27. 2011

Editor: The kind and number of crimes that are taking place must be a cause for concern for most of us.

It is sometimes difficult to understand what would bring a person to the point where he or she even considers committing such crimes.{{more}} Of course, we all are constituted differently and would react differently to a similar problem. My question is, are these crimes the fulfillment of prophecy and signs of the last days, or are they deep rooted social, economic and spiritual problems that we are not addressing? I do believe that the latter is true.

Based on the Christian teaching, all the things that are occurring today are the fulfillment of prophecy which is necessary for the end to come about, with the return of Jesus Christ. If this is the case, then we ought to be praying for more crimes because we all want Jesus to return. However, I believe none of this; therefore would not even entertain a discussion along those lines. If everyone in the past believed that they were living in the last days, computers would not have been available to us today.

I always hear persons blaming unemployment for many of the crimes committed. Though it may be true, I often wonder why most crimes are committed by men when unemployment is highest among women. I would therefore have to conclude that men are committing crimes to support the women.

I do believe that we are not paying enough attention to the way our children are being brought up. They are being misled into believing that bad is good. Children are now proud to be deviant and much of this comes from low self -steem. Most of the problems begin at an early age, but we do not pay attention. As it stands today, males need special attention and I believe males and females should not be educated in the same secondary schools.

I do believe many of the problems are spiritual in nature. Our society does not place enough emphasis on spiritual development of the individual. We always attach spiritual development to religion, which is absolutely wrong. There can be spiritual development through religious belief, but it is not a prerequisite. Due to the fact that we have tied spiritual development to religious belief, our young people are overlooking the entire package.

One of things we often overlook is that people act on information generated in the spiritual realm.

This information can be either good or bad and children are the most vulnerable. Some of the problems we address as mental are actually spiritual in nature; therefore it is absolutely necessary that we understand what is taking place in that realm. We have been so much distracted by the much anticipated return of Christ and its consequences, that our spirits have gone on recess.

Meditation is the easiest way of awakening our spirit and strengthening it to resist what is wrong. The truth is we have tried other approaches, so why can’t we attempt to address many of the problems from the spiritual perspective?