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December 10, 2010
It is time we changed our attitudes in SVG


Editor: Vincentians, to begin my article, I must first say greetings to all in the name of Jesus. I listen to all our radio stations in SVG, and sometimes I wonder if some politicians are going crazy, because of what I hear coming from their mouths.{{more}}

Some seem not to know who God really is, but soon our sins will find us out. (Num 32:23) So abstain from evil. (Thess 5:22). This type of behavior helps to contribute to violence, because of the many lies, malice,and hatred, and as a consequence, Mr Tomas visited SVG on October 30, 2010. It was untimely, and he visited in wrath, so people, take warning, this is only smoke – “you say the rest.”

Do people attend a school and learn certain subjects or they are just stupid, presumptuous, ignorant or crazy and so they take pleasure in such behavior? I would like to know, so someone, tell me, please- I have no education but I am still willing to learn – although I am an old man.

Another disaster is about to come

soon – it may be followed by crimes and sickness. Example – suicides, manslaughter, injuries, headaches, high blood pressure, heart attack, even shame. But, believe me, some will jump with the winning side, when their votes went to the other side. I am listening to too many political songs – I congratulate all you who compose those songs, but if the candidates are really concerned about people and this country, I beg them to play two songs – THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD and I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE LORD. I mean that even you the candidates must start the ball rolling. It is time we changed our attitudes, especially those of you who are christian people – you will sing, dance, shout and enjoy your meetings better – if my words offend anyone, just smile.

I love everyone. That’s why I try to give a little advice – think about that. When you start off, the police band will also love to play them at certain functions, watch and see. Mr. Tomas passed and has gone but will not be forgotten, so pray on. The battle is in God’s hands and will soon be over. While I look forward 21 to 28 days notice when the next breeze flows – I am laughing while writing – but you will all think of the rest to finish my sentence, because I am deaf, dumb, blind, stupid and nobody’s fool, but inspired by God.

So who wants to laugh – do so now, but time will tell you soon. One newspaper price has been increased, others may follow soon – which is possible. I am not calling for a boycott. Man will live until the end of time, and we will all see God to get our payment, either as a smiling savior or a frowning judge so prepare to meet him.

Some people, including a big man, change their names and are afraid to put their true name when they put articles in papers – I picked it up, and you editors I beg you not to encourage that type of behavior. He laughs at you – e.g concerned citizens and other fake names. I am Lester Frank – who respects people but is not afraid. So, cherio.

Bishop Lester Frank