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July 27, 2010
Not impressed with Eustace’s presentation

Tue, Jul 27, 2010

EDITOR: Permit me to write this article captioned “THE EMPTY PRESENTATION BY NDP PRESIDENT”. Firstly, if you look at the unsightly condition of the columns to the entrance of the NDP headquarters and not even a face lift to repaint the front of the building, well if this is an indication as to the attitude of the leadership{{more}} then it shows that they are far from ready for the governance of this country.

I listened to the Hon.Arnhim Eustace and honestly I am not impressed by his presentation. One would have thought that something substantial as it relates to the Airport; the empty promise about building a new hospital and his thoughts on tourism leave a lot to be desired. His thoughts on education is a joke. The promise about laptops in schools is just a smoke screen and has no real conviction.

While St.Vincent and the Grenadines continues to hold its own in these hard economic times by not laying off workers our neighbour Barbados is not so fortunate because IDEAL AGENCIES, a leading supplies company is shutting down after 23 years of operation. Thirty four workers will be sent home by the end of this month and it is reported that NSR Limited (Julie N’ Supermarket) was in receivership.

No country’s government can be run on emotions, that is, what is coming out from the speakers. The opportunity that the young children have from this Education Revolution would have never materialized under the NDP. Judging from what came out from their convention, young secondary school students would never get that chance under the NDP to go to university. They have no plans for this country.

Lancelot Farrell