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March 6, 2009
If money were everything


EDITED: Today we now grasp the wisdom and vision of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves when he told a chest thumping Allen Stanford in that fateful meeting between them on the LIAT- Caribbean Star issue these remarkable words: “If money were everything, then the Americans would not have lost the war in Vietnam”.{{more}}

Stanford and many other regional politicians relied on his millions to take LIAT out of the skies and replace it with Caribbean Star. Ralph, together with a handful of progressive nationalist leaders, along with the PEOPLE, decided to save LIAT for the region. They eventually bought out Caribbean Star, a great victory that is still being studied by university students at the UWI.

Those who opposed Ralph and his progressive colleagues must now admit their error and promise faithfully to correct their ways. But do not hold your breath for them to do the honourable thing. Instead, listen out for them trying to justify themselves and to re-write history.

Prime Minister Gonsalves was on WE FM recently, and he said: “Leave them alone to engage in 20-20 hindsight”.

Thank you, Prime Minister. Thank you, Comrade. Saving Liat, getting Ottley Hall out of debt, and making the Education Revolution will ensure that you will always be blessed.

Amos Johnstone