Xtreme 104.3 FM gives back to listeners with ‘X-in Tha Streets’
March 27, 2015
Xtreme 104.3 FM gives back to listeners with ‘X-in Tha Streets’

Six omnibus operators were the lucky winners of the ‘X-In Tha Streets’ promotion, hosted by Xtreme 104.3 FM, in collaboration with Coreas Auto.

The ‘X-in Tha Streets’ promotion ran throughout the month of March, in which the X-team was present in the streets, listening for minibuses that were locked on to Xtreme FM.{{more}}

Kevin Neil of Vermont, Leroy Farrel of Belair, Earl Jack of Mespo, Damani Williams of Evesham, Sheriton Wilson of Mespo and Rexford Matthews of Belair were the lucky winners of vehicle products and prizes, compliments Coreas Hazells Inc and Xtreme FM.

The winners expressed gratitude to Xtreme FM and Coreas Auto, declaring that they listen to Xtreme FM daily because of the difference in the station’s programmes and also the style of music the deejays play.

Managing director Of Xtreme FM Davon Cato has hailed the promotion a success.

“We realize that the vans play a huge part where listenership is concerned, particularly in drive time and the morning programme where lots of passengers are on board, making their way to work. This promotion is our way of showing appreciation to some of the vans that tune in at these times or all day, as most do.”

He added that there will be more promotions in the month of March.

“We will continue with the second part of our March promotion called ‘X-Marks Tha spot’. In this promotion we will be targeting shops who are listening to Xtreme 104.3 FM. Eight shops will be selected for the final draw and one lucky shop will be chosen for a live broadcast and awarded with prizes, compliments Xtreme FM and partner companies.”

Meanwhile senior marketing coordinator at Coreas Hazells Inc Ezzie Roberts said it was an easy decision to get on board with the ‘X-In Tha Streets’ promotion. He stated, “We felt that it was a perfect opportunity for our auto department to give omni-bus operators a chance to win vehicle accessories and we were honoured to use this opportunity to give back to them.”

He continued, “Omnibus operators have supported us over the years, through the purchase of various auto parts and accessories from the wide variety which we offer for various models of vehicles.

“We will also like to thank X104 FM for extending this opportunity for us to participate on this promotion.”

He went on to congratulate the National Omni Bus Association, NOBA, as he stated “Coreas Auto, with our major brands Torque Tyres and Pennzoil, has also extended major assistance to the National Omni Bus Association for their upcoming van show, Platinum Metals. This event is scheduled for Saturday, 28th March at the Coreas Car Park. I will also like to use this opportunity to congratulate the current executive of NOBA for organizing this event.”