February 17, 2015
Who is the Vincentian with the Swiss bank account?

Funds totalling US$48.7 million in a Swiss bank account have caught the attention of the Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace.

During his weekly address on the New Times radio programme yesterday, Eustace revealed that he was made aware of an account for St Vincent and the Grenadines at the HSBC Bank in Switzerland.{{more}}

“It is inevitable we will get more details and I’m very interested to find out whose account, who are the signatories to this account,” he said.

The Opposition Leader explained that his interest arises because of a number of issues relating to finances in this country, that are of concern to him.

“I’ll await the results and I’ll await the names of those who could have such large sums in an account in Switzerland, about 150 million in our money. That’s a lot, a lot of money. But I look forward to hearing the details at a later date,” Eustace said. (BK)