BAICO property receives  major facelift
October 19, 2012
BAICO property receives major facelift

Calls for the relevant authorities to clean up the property owned by British American Company (BAICO) at Egmont Street have been heard.{{more}}

Action was taken following a story published by SEARCHLIGHT on October 5, in which Comptroller of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) Kelvin Pompey complained that the area had become a health and security hazard for those who work and frequent the area.

Among the issues that Pompey complained about were termite infestation on the ground floor of the Inland Revenue Department, the use of the abandoned building as a public toilet and the number of vagrants and shady characters who frequented the area.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the area three weeks ago, it was littered with bits of garbage; foliage had taken over the property and had attached itself to the back of the IRD building and strips of wood were heaped about the property.

A visit on Wednesday revealed a vast difference, with all the strips of wood having been removed, the excess foliage trim and no sign of litter.

“I am pleased as well as the other members of staff,” Pompey said, adding that the sentiments were the same for other business people in the immediate area.

“The place looks so much better now,” he continued.

The IRD top man said that the security and health hazards were significantly reduced.

“And at the same time, it has exposed that there is really and truly excellent real estate just lying there,” he said.

The challenge now, Pompey said, is to see how the property can be utilized, adding that he would like to see the area fenced in and tended to.

“I think ongoing, if it is not fenced in and constantly looked at, it may get back to the same situation again…so it is important that some use be put to the lot, or at least it has some security, who would have vigilance over it,” he said.

“So, while it has been cleaned up … an excellent job has been done, it needs to be sustained or constantly looked at,” Pompey said.

When contacted, BAICO’s Judicial Manager Brian Glasgow said that he could, however, not be held accountable for what people did on the property, nor did he have any control over the vagrant situation in Kingstown.

He said that by now, the police should be aware of the problem and patrols made in the area.

“Having said that, I can only agree that I can do what is reasonably required to keep the area in good condition and to avoid the discomfort of the neighbouring people, but there is a limit to what we are able to do,” Glasgow told SEARCHLIGHT.

With regard to a long term plan for the property, the judicial manager said that one had not been determined, saying that the property belonged to the estate of British American.

“Therefore it is for the ultimate benefit of the policy holders and creditors,” Glasgow said.

“The specifics, there are no specific determinations as yet,” he continued. (DD)