Ikesha wins LIME Best Local Young Entrepreneur award
September 21, 2012
Ikesha wins LIME Best Local Young Entrepreneur award

Ikesha Delpesche has been named “Best Local Young Entrepreneur” and received an iPhone4 compliments LIME — premier sponsor of the 5th Annual Caribbean Youth Entrepreneurship Conference.{{more}}

Delpesche had an impressive exhibition of fine jewellery creations, many of which were made from the plastic covered, coloured wires found in the cables LIME uses to provide our telephone and broadband services. The talented Ikesha exclaimed excitedly “I really needed a new phone”, as she accepted her prize.

The main objective of these conferences is to introduce regional youth to entrepreneurship as a positive career choice, with a special emphasis on agriculture and agriculture related businesses.

The events commenced on September 12, with a dinner at the Government House and culminated on September 14 with an award ceremony and dinner at the Knowledge Institute in Kingstown.

The two-day conference, held at the Methodist Church Hall on September 13 and 14, was chaired by local businessman Jerry George. An enthusiastic introduction of over 50 regional and local delegates, followed by an enlightening exhibition of products of young entrepreneurs from across the region started day one.

The day ended with presentations and a panel discussion hosted by Marcia Brandon, Regional Director, Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Youth Entrepreneurship.

General Manager of LIME Leslie Jack offered the group some expert advice as guest presenter at the conference.

“The importance of making the right telecommunication decision for sustainable growth or rather sustainable development is a crucial decision to make in LIFE,” Jack said. “But the right telecommunications decision is made when it positively impacts your LIFE, your WORK, your INVESTMENT, your health and your future.”

The conference was made possible through the collaboration of Youth Business St Vincent and the Grenadines (YBSVG), its founder and Managing Director – Kenrick D. Quashie, and the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Youth Entrepreneurship, and had support of USAID.