July 6, 2012
Liberty Properties makes timely donation to MCMH

A segment of the corporate sector has taken steps towards being more socially responsible by making a much-needed donation to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).{{more}}

On Wednesday, Simon Kamara, managing director of Liberty Properties, handed over thirty-six pillows and six ceiling fans for use within the various hospital wards.

Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment Clayton Burgin was on hand to receive the timely donation, and commended Kamara on his willingness to “respond to the request of Permanent Secretary [Luis] de Shong”.

Burgin said that he appreciated the gesture because he does “not wish for citizens to experience any measure of discomfort during their period of rehabilitation.

“This response by Liberty Properties Co. Ltd… is indeed another demonstration of the commitment of the corporate sector to lend to national worthy causes,” he added.

Kamara said that he hopes the donation will inspire other businesses to follow suit, and explained that Liberty Properties aims to be part of the solution rather than complain about what is wrong.

“Improvements at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital will not come if we wait for some other person, some other time. We are the ones… we are the improvements that we seek,” he insisted.

Kamara also stated that he is “eager” to deepen the company’s collaboration with the hospital “for the benefit of all citizens”.

Burgin also praised Luis de Shong, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health, for introducing the initiative of inviting the corporate sector to build “lasting bridges of support” with the health sector.

He further commended other key figures within the MCMH’s administration for their commitment to and advances in improving the hospital’s service.

“It is the policy of this ULP administration to provide quality healthcare to all citizens…and you must be aware that is…an expensive undertaking,” said Burgin.

“For a small and developing country [such] as ours, we must always strive to be efficient and prudent in the way in which we conduct our financial affairs.”

Burgin pointed out that, in-keeping with the government’s efforts to deliver quality healthcare for all, the 10th EDF Project has recently been implemented.

“When segments of the corporate sector join hands with us as we deliver healthcare, I am happy that they are helping…especially at this juncture.”

Also present at the handing over were Dr Simone Keizer, Medical Director of the MCMH; Dr St Clair Thomas, Chief Medical Officer; and Sister Audrey Gittens-Gilkes, Chief Nursing Officer, among others.(JV)