January 20, 2012
Police officer gets the boot

The police officer who was driving the vehicle involved in the killing of 14-year-old Steffan Cruickshank of La Croix has been fired from the local Constabulary.{{more}}

Speaking on the “Voices” Call in program on We-Fm on Wednesday, January 18, Commissioner of Police Keith Miller said the police officer was not a holder of a valid driver’s licence at the time of the accident.

Cruickshank, who was a fourth form student at the St Vincent Grammar School, was killed as he was riding his bicycle along the Mesopotamia public road on Boxing Day.

Miller also said the vehicle the former police officer was driving was not insured.

The Commissioner said when he heard about the accident, he went on the scene with the Inspector of Vehicles and the Deputy Commissioner, in an effort to ascertain what took place.

“The police are getting different stories from eye witnesses about what happened,” Miller indicated.

The Commissioner said the former police officer has been discharged from the Force because he was driving without a valid licence.

“I believe he acted with gross misconduct, he acted with gross negligence, knowing that he was not the holder of a driver’s licence, and put himself on the road,” Miller said.

“Because of that, I discharged him from the police force. He is no longer a policeman.”

The matter is, however, still under investigation, Miller said.