October 4, 2011
LIME rides the Gvolution express

Telecommunications provider LIME has launched EDGE (Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution), as the company continues its preparation to launch 4G soon.{{more}}

EDGE is a mobile phone technology that allows fast and stable data transfer over a GSM network that lets mobile phone providers offer services like Internet access, audio/video streaming and video file downloads.

“As the debate continues about whether EDGE offers 2G or 3G technology, what I can say for certain is that LIME customers with EDGE compatible smart phones will experience much faster downloads and data transfer speeds. LIME has launched 4G in Barbados, Cayman Islands and Jamaica and this phase of our transition is just one step closer to our launch of 4G,” said General Manager Leslie Jack.

LIME will launch 4G in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in early 2012.