August 23, 2011
Owia School Summer Program ends

The two summer programs for children, launched on Monday, August 15 by the Ministry of Agriculture, came to an end on Friday, August 19.{{more}} The programs were held in the Mesopotamia Valley and at Owia, with close to two hundred children participating.

At Owia, the week long session ended in a blitz for the 87 children, who were presented with certificates of attendance and had the opportunity to display some of the craft and art completed during the week. Additionally, the children were able to present their skills in drama and dance, much to the amazement and delight of the onlookers, as well as the facilitators.

The Owia summer program was held by the Rural Transformation Unit, which made it possible for the children to enjoy a week of Creative Arts and Crafts under the theme “Home is where the heart is; building stronger homes through art”.

According to Debra Williams, Research Officer in that Unit, the Camp had a total of 100 children, many more than catered for, from the areas between Point and Owia.

“This is the first program of its kind in the area, where children have very little to do; thus the huge response.”

Williams added that the program focused on the cultural arts, such as dancing and drama, cultural norms (etiquette and other lifeskills, behavioural patterns and the fostering of neighbourly love and care), crafts such as the making of jewelry, puppets and other items.

The coordinators for the week’s activity were drawn from the community and included teachers Ingrid Lavia, Wendy Child and Noah Rios, the latter, a peace corp volunteer. A number of business houses, including those from the area, were instrumental in making the event a reality.