Watch Methodist Dramatists on DVD
September 3, 2010
Watch Methodist Dramatists on DVD

They have entertained audiences all over the country, sold out shows at the Peace Memorial Hall on several occasions, and now, the Agape Methodist Dramatists have put together a DVD collection of some of their finest work.{{more}}

Come September 4, at the Peace Memorial Hall, the group will launch a DVD of three of their plays: “Only time will tell”, “Don’t tell nobody”, and “Behind the walls”.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT recently, president of the group, Kevin Rodriquez, said the production is their way of giving something back to their fans and leaving them with funfilled memories of the group for years to come. “This is a historic occasion for us…we are glad that we can share with our fans so that they can enjoy with their families,” Roderiques said.

The drama group has been in existence for the past 13 years and falls under the umbrella of the Agape Performing Arts Theatre.

In stressing the importance of documentation, Roderiques said persons often put on productions and have nothing to show at the end of the day. “This is important for everyone..this is something of our own and as Vincentians we should be proud of being able to document our own material,” he added.

Plans are already in place for the group’s next play titled “BOLD”. Declining to go into detail about the production, Rodriques said it is one that is definitely going to be a “hit”. The production will run from November 5-7. (KW)