Recommendation made to ban tinted vehicles
August 24, 2010
Recommendation made to ban tinted vehicles

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller has indicated that a number of proposals are being looked at which he hopes will make life harder for criminals and potential criminals.{{more}}

One of these proposals is a ban on the tint on vehicles.

“We have recommended to the Minister of National Security for a ban on tint on rental vehicles to start with; because we realize that the criminals come here and they will go and rent a tinted vehicle and commit themselves.”

The Commissioner, speaking at a special breakfast meeting for business owners and security firms last Wednesday August 18th at the Chamber of Commerce conference room, said that talks will soon be held between the police and vehicle rental dealers, to discuss the proper mechanisms on streamlining whom their automobiles are rented to.

“Every time, or very often, when criminals want to go and commit an offence, what do they do? They rent a vehicle.”

The Commissioner noted that often when the issue of tints on vehicles arises, there are a number of excuses put forward; mainly the protection of the interior.

“That’s what they say,” he noted.

One proprietor at the function suggested that tinting be allowed to a degree, while the point was raised that some vehicle rentals are not through certified dealers.

The Commissioner also commented on hopes to have regulated and standardized, the number plates that are on motor vehicles in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Miller said that recommendations will be made to National Security Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, that the perspex number plates be outlawed and be replaced by generic ones.

Last Wednesday’s gathering was held in an effort to address the rise in criminal activity against business places and their owners.

The Commissioner also disclosed that he is proposing legislation that will see harsher punishment for persons who use disguises and weapons when committing crimes.

“We realize also that perpetrators now have a tendency to use masks. So I am recommending to the Minister of National security for us to pass into legislation, stiffer penalties for persons who are convicted, and there is evidence that they are not only using a mask, but they are in possession of what can be termed a mask.”

“I have tried to give the definition of mask as anything that could be worn over the face to hide the face during the commission of an offence.”

“Similarly, we have sent across recommendations to the Minister for the penalties to be more severe where a firearm is used in the commission of an offence.”

The issue of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) was also raised.

Commissioner Miller said that while these cannot be used in court as evidence, they help the police in carrying out investigations and strengthens evidence that is already available.

He suggested that CCTV be used at business places, because they work as a deterrent to would be criminals. (JJ)