August 24, 2010
Children Against Poverty programme evaluated

The 2010 edition of the Children Against Poverty (CAP) programme has been evaluated.

The grouping that examined the programme’s goals, objectives, implementation and results, included teachers, facilitators and officials of the Ministry of National Mobilisation.{{more}}

The annual exercise took place on Wednesday, August 18.

This year’s programme saw the inclusion of 14 new schools and over 1700 participants drawn from 24 centres across the state.

Eli Francis, CAP Co-ordinator, said while the participants have increased he was happy with the feedback from the various co-ordinators that they had met their goal in getting the students to learn new things.

“We would not expect perfection, there are still some areas we need to tie up and that is what we are endeavouring to do,” Francis told SEARCHLIGHT.

He said the programme is designed to make learning fun.

“That was the aim and I think that we were successful although we still have some things to work on,” he explained.

Rosita Snagg, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Mobilisation, said that the challenge now is how best to carry on the momentum from what students learnt during the three week programme to their various classrooms.

“We need to see how to work it in too, so that children can feel comfortable,” Snagg said. She added that students needed to feel comfortable to encourage learning.

“Children are learning different to how we want them to,” she said.

“The chalk and talk approach is not working.”

The programme ran from July 12 to the 30. (DD)