March 5, 2010
Sir James wins EC$1,000, compliments Digicel

“The only other thing I ever won before getting this prize from Digicel were elections.”{{more}}

Those are the words of Former Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Sir James Mitchell.

Sir James was the happy recipient of EC$1,000, compliments the telecommunications company and their loyalty programme, where the company seeks to reward all its customers with cash.

“I’ve been using them since they got here,” said Sir James last Friday during the handing over ceremony held at Digicel’s Corporate Offices located in the Lewis Building on James Street.

“I’m glad they exist. I love the competition. It’s an old story. If you read my book ‘Beyond the Islands’ you will see some of it. We really had to struggle to break the monopoly of Cable & Wireless; it was a struggle,” said the former PM, who said that the EC$1,000 will be placed right back into his Digicel account.

The cheque was handed over by Digicel’s Country Manager Sonia Polius.