August 24, 2007
Leacock says two terms are enough to govern

Opposition Senator St Clair Leacock believes that it is contradictory for the Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration to want to change the constitution of this country as they promised to make this country “ungovernable” when they were in opposition.{{more}}

Leacock, who spoke at the Constitution Review forum held last Thursday, said that when Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves was in opposition, he complained that two terms was enough for a governing party, but now he is “inside” he is of a different view.

Senator Leacock said that this country does not need a Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez approach to ruling, nor a Fidel Castro Cuban leadership style of over 50 years of governing.

The NDP representative said that two terms were enough to govern a country and if politicians want to serve their country, they could quietly slip into the back because a country should not be so dependant on “one man.”

Leacock also questioned whether it would be viable to have so many persons serving on the National Advisory Council in what he described as a small “two by four” country such as St Vincent and the Grenadines. (SG)