CDC gets SUV from Taiwan
May 4, 2007
CDC gets SUV from Taiwan

THE CARNIVAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (CDC) has once again been the recipient of the generosity from the Republic of China on Taiwan, this time, Ambassador Jack Cheng donated a vehicle to the organization.{{more}}

Ambassador Cheng, who handed over the keys to the sports utility vehicle to CDC Chairman Dennis Ambrose said that he was pleased to assist the cultural event, which he said helped people relax and develop their artistic abilities.

The Taiwanese Ambassador said that he was looking forward to participating in this year’s festivities but also took time on behalf of his government to wish the Prime Minister a speedy recovery.

Accepting the gift, Chairman Dennis Ambrose expressed gratitude to the government and people of Taiwan for the vehicle and pointed out that the existing vehicle was giving them mechanical problems.

Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste who was also at the event thanked the Ambassador for their contribution towards the festival but also pointed out that Taiwan has been a regular contributor to the festival. She noted that Taiwan has provided most of the promotional materials such as the poster and view cards.

Describing members of the carnival committee as “competent, capable and qualified.” the Minister praised the team for their dedication towards the festival and assured Vincentians and visitors that Vincy Mas as it has been branded would be a spectacular 30th anniversary celebration.

Also at the handing over ceremony last Thursday was Acting Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker.

Meanwhile, Minister Baptiste has expressed disgust with persons who do not stand at attention for the singing of the national anthem.

She explained that in other countries, citizens never had to be told to stand at attention for their national anthem and to have to ask Vincentians to do so was unnecessary since this should be ingrained into their psyche.

Baptiste also expressed her displeasure with the persons who do not know the words of the anthem and pointed out that some of the “ED’s” and “S’s” in the anthem were left out.

Pointing out examples, she said that people were saying “Your mountain high” instead of “Your mountains high” and “Hairoun our fair and bless isle” instead of “Hairoun our fair and blessed isle.”

She said that this “slack” way in which Vincentians sing their anthem also showed a lack of “dignity and decorum.