November 18, 2005
Adrienne wins Public Speaking

History was created at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School last Friday when they held their first ever Public Speaking competition.

Adrienne Glasgow, a form one student came out victorious in both categories of the competition, the student-prepared speech and the impromptu speech.{{more}}

Five students participated in the competition. They spoke on the topic, “Are children to be blamed for lack of parental trust.” Adrienne made light work of the competition as she made her presentation with emphasis and accuracy. She said the lack of trust is due to a break down in family structure and that children can only do the right thing if they are led by their parents. She urged her fellow students to be obedient and live up to their responsibilities.

For her impromptu speech, she spoke on the topic “Christmas.” She said Christmas should be celebrated for the true meaning, which is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

The other competitors were Mekita Goodluck, Walt Carter, Shanique Browne and Adonis English.