October 21, 2005
ECGC donates tv to Layou School

In unison, the voices of the Layou Government School Kindergarten students said “Thank you very much!” to the Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies, ECGC for donating a 21-inch colour TV at a presentation ceremony on Thursday, September 15.

The idea of sourcing a television set for the children was an initiative of teacher Julia Fraser who wanted to make the class more interesting to the youngsters. {{more}}

She explained: “I noticed that the children would be restless and would cry when their parents dropped them off early before school starts and would at times feel bored, so the television could relax them. But I would really use it to teach them phonics, so it could increase their academic performance.”

The elated teacher of 23 kindergarten students also pointed out that the other class of kindergarten pupils would be benefiting from the contribution. She thanked ECGC and promised to take care of the television.

Also expressing appreciation for the gift by ECGC was Principal Caroline Rawlins, who also encouraged other companies to make similar pledges. She emphasised that the visual and audio elements of television would enhance learning and make teaching easier for the educator.

Rawlins praised the initiative by Fraser and also encouraged more schools and teachers to come up with ideas to make their classes fun.

Sales and Distribution Co-ordinator Lance John noted that it was not the first time that ECGC had assisted the Layou Government School and pledged further support to make the classrooms more student-friendly.