Mother in shock over loss of son
April 15, 2005
Mother in shock over loss of son

A Clare Valley mother is trying to muster all the strength she can to cope with her latest misfortune. Cora Forde is grieving about the death of her son Julian Alexander, aged 28.

When Julian was born, his mother’s maiden name was Alexander. But since her son is affectionately known as Kurt in the small fishing and farming community, instinctively, people assumed that his name was Kurt Forde. And that was the name given for him, being one of three persons on a boat, which went on a fishing expedition last Sunday. {{more}}

Julian’s father died while he was an eight-month-old baby. Steve Warren, from the North Central Windward village of Byera was one of five sailors killed in a blast on an oil tanker in 1977.

Alexander might have began to accept life as normal until last February 5 when he became the victim of a gunshot wound, sustained in a bizarre village incident. He was hospitalised following a shooting incident in his home village of Clare Valley.

Alexander’s brother Cyron Forde was also injured by gunshots on the same night that Alexander was.

Kenyon Louis, 24, also of Clare Valley, faced two counts of malicious wounding as a result of the brother’s shooting and damaging the winshield of vehicle H4302 belonging to Leopold Thomas.

Preliminary Investigations were slated for March 29. And that again proved to be an historic l lesson for Cora Forde.

“First me foot ever reach dey,” she said. A 52-year-old trafficker, Forde is still dazed at the sudden turn of events. The PI was adjourned because the magistrate was sick.

Speaking at her home on the hillside on the Clare Valley district, Forde reflected on her son’s ordeal. Syron had returned to work that same week having recovered from his gunshot wounds.

Julian himself was adjusting to life after his recuperation.

“He use to try still go pon sea, ‘cause that is he little living,’ Forde said.

The sadness is compounded by the situation that Alfonso Allick, who appeared as a witness to the shooting incident, is also missing as a result of last Sunday’s marine incident.

The village was thrown into a state of mourning as the news surfaced of the men’s continuing doom, even with the joy brought by Vanrick’s survival.