Local Vibes
May 2, 2008
Junio Kelly leaves audience spellbound

He stands a little over three feet eleven inches, bareley tall enough to grab anyone’s attention. But give him a microphone, a stage or pulpit and it is guaranteed that eight-year-old Junio “JJ” Kelly will have his audience eating right out of the palm of his hands.{{more}}

Hailing from the North Leeward town of Chateaubelair, Kelly delivered a heartwarming sermonette at last Saturday night’s Digicel Gospel Fest that had everyone in the Victoria Park spellbound.

Gracing the stage in a brown, three piece, pin-striped suit, a pair of square tip shoes and sounding like a well-seasoned preacher, Junio grabbed the audience’s attention with his powerful scripture quotations and spot on delivery. “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, praise the Lord,” he shouted as the crowd echoed his words.

As a strong gust of wind nearly blew away his papers and stand, Junior reaffirmed that the devil was nothing but a liar. “No, devil, not tonight, you’re a liar,” said Junior.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted the grade three Chateaubelair Methodist Primary School student, he burst with excitement knowing that he was going to be featured in the newspaper. With a chuckling “Yes, please” reply to each question, Junio said he just loves preaching, and it was always his dream to be a preacher just like American pastor T.D Jakes. “When I was small I used to take Mommy speaker box set and I used to preach until I sweat,” he reminisced. The Faith and Life Pentecostal member said that he is never frightened to speak the word of God in front of large audiences or anywhere. “I am not frightened to go onstage because I love God and I want to become a preacher like T.D Jakes,” he stated

A child truly blessed, Junio’s destiny in life may have already been carved out for him.

Proud parents Leisha and Junior Kelly mentioned that they never pushed their son to follow that path in his life. “We don’t ever force him to partake in Gospel Fest or anything. We always make sure we ask him if he wants to do it,” stated Leisha.

She said when Junio was two years old, he would take the deodorant bottle from off the dressing table and use it as a microphone. She added that he would take the bottles and place them as speakers and would preach to his small audience.

Leisha said once, while having their daily family devotions, Junio took charge and preached and everyone gathered, including his two smaller sisters, had to say “Amen!”

His mother also mentioned that it was not until attending church last year when Junio had to do a scripture reading that the pastor asked if he wanted to participate in Gospel Fest. “I asked JJ if he wanted to do it and he said Mommy how you mean, you know I love mic.” She stated that he loves T.D Jakes so much that his Godmother in North America sent a three-piece suit similar to that worn by Jakes.

In preparation for the Fest, she said Junio came home everyday from school and constantly went over his sermonette, with which she and her husband would help from time to time.

When he’s not spreading the word of God, Junio enjoys a nice game of cricket, and said that his favourite subjects are Math and Tables. He also likes playing the drum in church with his father.

Junio’s participation in the Gospel Fest last year bore much fruit as he was named the Most Outstanding Performer.