Hey Rosie!
May 7, 2010
Just plain, shady and bad judgment!

Hey Rosie,

I am a 15-year-old girl who has a friend that I am really concerned about. Even though I don’t like her as much as before, I am still looking out for her.

She has too many boyfriends. {{more}} I know I’m too young to have a boyfriend, but once she introduced me to the boy whom I am dating right now and tried every thing to break up our relationship so that she can be with him, even though she’s dating two of his brothers and one of his cousins.

Every one calls her a “whore”, which I know is true, but I don’t want to admit it. We’ve been friends since primary school and she has always been into boys. She is very intelligent and I don’t want her to be a teenage mother.

Please, Rosie, I don’t want to lose my friend.

Concerned Friend.

Dear Concerned Friend,

Well, I have to say that this sounds like you are much older than 15! You have clearly stated your concerns for your friend and the things she has done and why you aren’t pleased with her behavior. Good for you. Many adults could take an example from your page.

Ok, to your friend, she has many issues. Many. Teenagers can be a little out of control when it comes to the opposite sex. That’s normal. We think they’re cute, we want to get their numbers, go out, have fun etc. However, to “hook up” with every person you see and also try to muscle into your friend’s relationship, now that is just plain shady and also bad judgment.

Listen, your friend needs to have a mentor in her life. Someone she will listen to and someone she will respect. Most importantly, she has to want to do it. It’s like the old saying about leading a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

You continue to be the introspective young lady that you seem to already be in life. This will hold you in good stead in the future. With regard to your girlfriend, she knows what she is doing is wrong. She has to want to change. You can’t do it for her, plain and simple. Continue to be a leader. Who knows, she may eventually follow your example.


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