‘Cutty’ shot dead at at Rose Place
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October 16, 2009
‘Cutty’ shot dead at at Rose Place

The May family of Clare Valley is perplexed as to why their loved one was murdered in cold blood earlier this week.{{more}}

Cuthbert “Cutty” May, 30, formerly of Gibson Corner, succumbed to a single gunshot wound to the left side of his back on Wednesday morning at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

His death brings the number of homicides in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year to 18.

Eyewitnesses told SEARCHLIGHT that around 10pm on Tuesday night, May was in his customary hang out spot near to the beach at Rose Place, playing dominoes with some other men. Suddenly, a masked man walked up behind May and shot him from a distance of about 20 feet.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that a man had been seen hanging around on the beach alone for some time prior to the shooting.

Immediately after being shot, May ran to the hospital, a distance of about 300 yards. Reports are that the bullet shattered his spleen, intestines, liver, diaphragm and colon. He died the following day.

Rosanelle May, Cuthbert’s distraught mother, said she was at home when she got the dreadful news. “I was at home when the guy came and say Miss May come, come Cutty get shoot,” she related.

May said while she stood vigil at Cuthbert’s bedside at the hospital, he pulled the oxygen mask away from his face and looked at her. She said that the doctor placed the mask back on his face immediately, but he pulled it away again and looked at her again. Soon after, he began vomiting and bleeding through his nose and had to be whisked away. That was the last time she saw her son alive.

Rosanelle is still baffled as to why her son was shot, as he was well loved by many, especially those in the Rose Place community. “Everybody know Cutty, even down to the smallest child knows him,” May explained.

Prudence May, Cuthbert’s sister said that it is hard to deal with the passing of her brother knowing that he was the livewire in the home circle. “He was just caring and supportive to us all the time,” she added.

Fighting back tears and taking a deep breath before speaking, May’s girlfriend of four years, Indra Durrant, described him as her best friend who was always there for her. “Cutty was my lover, my friend and most of all, he was my husband,” she said.

May also leaves behind a five-year-old son, Rayshad.

At press time, investigations were continuing.