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May 15, 2009
Naked Vincy women splashed on Internet

Director of Family Services Cammie Matthews is calling on young women here to be more careful about where they go and with whom they associate.{{more}}

Matthews’ call came in the wake of reports that photographs of five nude and scantily clad young Vincentian females had been circulated on the Internet earlier this week.

The sensational photos of the young females, mainly teenagers, who hail from Enhams, Victoria Village, Stubbs and Mt.Pleasant, have reportedly caused mixed reactions among the girls’ relatives and friends.

SEARCHLIGHT has learnt that some of the parents are hurt, as well as shocked to learn of the predicament in which their daughters have found themselves.

According to well-placed sources, some of the young women were also shocked to see photos of themselves in the nude, as they say they cannot recall posing for those kinds of photos.

Matthews, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on the issue, said: “This is pathetic, highly regrettable, and very dehumanising”.

“To me, when you do that to somebody you are indicating the person is not of value,” Matthews exclaimed.

“In light of the escalation in vice or immoral conduct, in crimes, particularly sexually oriented crimes, our young ladies should endeavour to be a lot more careful with where they go and whom they associate with. They should avoid situations where the dignity of their life and their morality can be seriously jeopardised,” Matthews emphasised.

He said parents also need to pay much greater attention to the conduct of their children, in particular girls.

“They (parents) need to choose whom they (children) choose as their associates,” said Matthews, adding that young people need to associate with peers who are inclined to help them develop educationally, morally, and spiritually.

Matthews is also adamant that the perpetrators should be brought to justice.

“With regard to the perpetrators, people who lure our girls to these despicable situations, I believe they should be exposed and dealt with harshly by the law,” said Matthews, while stressing that our society needs to send a very strong message to men, young and old, who are unscrupulous in their actions.

Matthews called on the legal fraternity to take a firm stand on these issues by not providing legal service to the perpetrators when there is a clear cut case that they participated in such crimes.

“I believe that they (perpetrators) should face the full penalty of the law,” said Matthews.

He said that he hopes the relevant authorities will carry out thorough investigations into the matter and arrest, charge, and prosecute the culprits.