Murder  suspect freed
From the Courts
February 11, 2011
Murder suspect freed

Lowmans Windward resident Laymond Harry walked away from the Serious Offences a free man after Chief Magistrate Sonya Young found that the prosecution did not make out a case against him in a murder matter.{{more}}

At the end of the prosecution’s case, the Magistrate said there was not enough evidence to make out a prima facie case against Harry. He was then discharged, but was told that he could be re-arrested at a later date.

Harry was at the time answering to the murder of Adrian Samuel of Lowmans Windward which took place on Saturday, August 28, 2010.

Reports are that at about 5 a.m., Samuel, 54, farmer, was arguing with someone in a bar when another person came up behind him and stabbed him in his back.

He was taken to the Mesopotamia Health Centre, where he succumbed to his injuries. (KW)