From the Courts
June 18, 2010
Vermont shooting Coroner’s Inquest begins

Eleven witnesses have already given testimony at the Preliminary Inquest into the shooting deaths of three men at Vermont, which happened on May 21, 2009.{{more}}
The matter, heard at the Calliaqua Magistrates Court before Coroner Zoila Ellis Browne, got underway on Tuesday, June 14, to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Asborn Devon Nickie, a 20-year-old resident of Vermont, Brezen Fredrick, 23, also of Vermont, and 29-year-old Dwayne O’Brian Herbert of Chalky Mount, St. Andrew, Barbados.
Taking the stand on Wednesday, June 15, Assistant Superintendent of Police Willisford Casear told the court that he was mandated to conduct investigations into the matter.
Caesar said on May 22, 2009, he visited the crime scene with Sergeant Elvis Thomas, PC Marley Lewis, PC Kiel Rogers and Sergeant Glenroy Edwards, the officers who were involved in the shootings.
Lawyers Ronald Marks, Stephen and Richard Williams are representing the officers in the matter.
Casear said his investigations showed that both Nickie and Frederick succumbed to their injuries close to small plantation, while Herbert was shot in the main road.
The men were shot and killed during an operation of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.
It was said that at about 6:30pm, after receiving certain information, police went to the Vermont area looking for Herbert, a fugitive. Herbet was wanted in Barbados for the December 24, 2008, murder of Holbert Ricardo Davis, a barber, of Vault Road, Welchman Hall, St. Thomas.
A police released had stated, upon approaching the area where the fugitive was believed to be, shots were fired at the police who returned fire. As a result, the three men were killed.
The police release stated that a 9mm pistol was found at the scene.
In his testimony, Caesar told the court that the Taurus 9mm firearm found on the scene was used in a murder in Barbados, in which Herbert was a suspect.
The case should have concluded yesterday with closing arguments from Carl Williams, representing the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, and lawyers for police officers: Lewis, Thomas, Edwards and Rogers.(KW)