From the Courts
May 29, 2009
Sailor guilty of manslaughter- 2 year-old stepson

The next time Antonio Browne appears at the High Court, he will be sentenced for causing the death of his two-year-old stepson, Kelroy Williams, on February 1, 2008, at Freeland, Mesopotamia.{{more}}

Initially, Browne, 27, a sailor, was charged with murder, but he pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter on Wednesday of this week.

His attorney, Ronald Marks, asked the court to order a psychiatric and social inquiry report so as to assist with the sentencing of his client.

Presiding Judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle ordered that both reports be furnished to the court on or before June 10, two days before Browne’s sentencing hearing.

The court heard that the boy’s mother had left her son home with Browne and had gone to Kingstown at approximately 3:30pm. Later that day, at about 8pm, Browne and Kelroy went to a nearby shop to purchase items. They stayed there for a while to watch a cricket match on television, before returning home to view the remainder of the game.

While there, Browne said he fed the child with pieces of boneless chicken. Moments later he said Kelroy was seen vomiting and trembling and could not move. Browne said he then ran back to the shop in search of help for the young boy. The child was taken to the Levi Latham Health centre, where he was pronounced dead.

After being picked up by the police, Browne said that he had given the child the chicken to eat when he started vomiting. However, Browne noted that he had earlier struck the child thrice on his back because he wet the bed.

A medical report revealed that Kelroy died from blunt trauma to the back. The report further stated that the toddler had abrasions about the body, fractures to several ribs and lacerations and hemorrhaging of the lungs.(KW)