Bassy - Love Vine
June 24, 2005
Help those who cannot see

One ah the things that ah cherish is the privilege to wuk from time to time with the members of the Association Of and For the Blind.

Long gone are the days when yuh uses to see Blind People standing under ah gallery or being led around the town with outstretched hands begging foh money. Their dignity will not allow them to beg anymore. They will ask foh help on ah particular project, but no more begging. {{more}}Yes, yuh will see them walking on the street, some even independent enough to travel alone with the aid of the symbolic White Cane that functions as good as the eye; heading to their wuk-place. And where are these wuk places?

Maxine has been wuking at the YWCA Day Care Centre foh many years. Stanley is ah (small) poultry farmer, in addition, he along with Tally, Elwyn and others wuk at the Centre making Mops, cane-ing and repair-ing antique chairs and couches. Danny is ah young man from Bequia who crosses the channel back and forth everyday to wuk at the centre. We dealing with ah bunch ah proud and gifted people eh.

Apart from bread and butter skills, Blind people are into music in a big way. Elvis Wynne runs ah small shop and is a very talented song writer and singer who accompanies himself with guitar. Tally Browne the Music and Braille teacher, is a complete musician also who plays guitar, flute, drums and sings. Other members are into musical groups and bands. Elvis, Tally and Maxeen have their own group “Fine Time”, Tally and Maxeen are senior members of El Grupo Amistad.

The latest group Blind Artistes to come on the scene is the STED Drummers, ah name taken from the first letter in the names of the members: Stanley, Tally, Elwyn and Danny. The group was launched last Friday night at ah Variety Concert put on by the Association. They played well and were warmly received by the small but appreciative crowd. Many thanks to Nzimbu who took time out to prepare the group.

The Concert was ah fund raiser that was expect to mek $3,000.00 It was well advertised in the Papers and Radio stations; they had ah All Stars Cast down to perform that included names like Princess Monique; Cantemos mellowing with ah Jah-pon-knees pianist and ah Tae-one-knees flutist; El Grupo Amistad, Hairoun Theatre, Adrian Bailey, Mighty Sheller, Avenues Dancers, Chaos Dancers, just watch ouit foh that group it is chaotic (good), plus other items from the Blind community themselves! Ah healthy snack bar was in place at the refurbished Peace Mo, air conditioned etc, the very best venue available. MC was Keith Joseph, ah member of the Society for the Blind; no wonder he persists trying to get “Just another Look” on Radio.

But in spite ah all ah that, the show that was cheaply priced at $10. 00, children paid half price, had an attendance that was frustrating and disappointing, and could only net $500.00, ah big Bus! Ah hope this is not by any chance ah true reflection of how lickle we care foh the less fortunate among us. Maybe as ah mark ah respect and appreciation, we could still mek it up to the folks by each sending ah $10. 00 ticket money, to the center at de Lion’s Den at Frenches Gate. Believe me, they performed well in your absence on Friday night and richly deserve that donation.



Ah call Lie-Za on the phone to tell she ah getting she signed up foh counseling at Marion House, she dinking too much these days and getting too out ah hand. Not even her fee-an-say Lie-Owe could control she. She gave me ah quick yes, and then she wanted to know if ah hear bout the Count-ah-yard money, $100 notes that the Police clamp down pon. Ah corrected her and told her it was Count-ah-feet. Her answer was that she know foh sure is not one feet the Police count, dey done count two foh sure and more to come, don’t be surprised if is more than one yard!

Then she ask me what else is new? If ah know why de Come-Red and them Prime Ministers ah Bo-bathe-us love to fight one another so, when it ain’t over Drugs is over Woman. Ah beg she watch she mouth cause me phone got ah stop cock. “Yuh ain’t hear de Come-red and Owe-in have border-air-shun over who must control the lickle girl foh Miss Warner?” she said. So ah ask she which ah the girls, and she say the lickle one name Marie. Ah kept silent as if ah ain’t know what she talking bout, and she said: “man if yuh ain’t know who Marie Warner is, yuh lapsing”! Finally ah tell she, de Come-red is new which other Bo-bathe-us Leader and he had fight. Drunk as she was she smart up and said: “Yuh just leave me right hear, Tom drunk but he nah foolish”!

Just before she hang up, she tell me all de mouth Two Cool Chris got pon Radio, how when Judge Brew-sly sent foh him; the first thing he asked Chris was “what school yuh studied Law”? then he pointed to the Prisons and told Chris : ” yuh see that place, I was planning to send you there”. Poor Chris ain’t wink yet. The Judge said :” Look at yuh now, all de mouth yuh have on radio, yuh can’t even move yuh lips”! Then Chris stuttered ah few words and said: ” Eh-eh-eh Excuse me Sir, the only thing moving foh me right now, A-A-A- is me bowels”! Stay up Chris, we love yuh, but leave law to lawyers.

Lie-Za went silent. And then she asked: ” If ah really decide to go by this Marrying House place foh counsel, how long dey does tek before they marry yuh”?

And with that ah gone again. One Love Bassy!’