July 22, 2014
Theo Saunders Shop to launch ‘A Vincy Ting’

Theo Saunders Shop announces the launch of “A Vincy Ting” – a line of arts and crafts made by local artisans in SVG.{{more}}

Beginning July 31, the Theo Saunders Shop will be selling locally made products from several dedicated, outstanding artisans.

The range of products for sale is wide: Jewellery from coconut shells, coconut products such as, oil, soaps and candles, silver earrings, picnic baskets, beautiful sea shell decorations, throw pillows, well-made bags for everyday living, paintings, prints and edgy, innovative clothing all made in St Vincent and the Grenadines, with pride and passion.

Shop owner Camille Saunders Musser is extremely interested in encouraging the making of local arts and crafts and sees it as an opportunity to give these small business operators an outlet to market their goods. She likes to sell products with a story behind them. She feels it is necessary for a developing nation to value the importance of its artisans. A craft maker herself, she is selling her textile art which focuses on embroidery, along with her most recent paintings and prints celebrating the 250th anniversary of the St Vincent Botanical Gardens.

Artisans represented by Theo Saunders Shop are:

Dawn Douglas has over 30 years experience in basket making. She has a wide range of baskets made from the pandanus palm. Her baskets are all different shapes and sizes;

Carmet Huggins has been making crafts for many years. Currently she makes cloth bags for everyday living and sea shell decorations which can be used for any occasion. She said she has been collecting the sea shells for over 10 years throughout SVG.

Nievet Abbott Isles has been making handmade items from age 5. Her motto is “Crafts for Fun or Profit”. Currently she is making a line of smocked cushions. Her label is “Vet’s Crafts”.

Dawn Bacchus whose label is “Immense Bags” makes a wide selection of bags in all different shapes and sizes. There are beach bags, hand bags and more.

Shernicia Mayers makes edgy, innovative clothing. Her label is “Atelier Shernicia”. In May she participated in fashion week in Paris. As a result she is bursting with new ideas to improve her line of clothing.

Merle Gellizeau, a craft maker and instructor has always made crafts. She was taught by her mother as a child and continued to learn at the community centre. She will be selling small items such as fans and baskets for children. Her label is “Merle’s Arts and Crafts”.

Brio Che is a small manufacturing business owned by Taireen & Bernadette Camille Warren offering a variety of coconut based, organic, eco-friendly health & beauty products, including coconut oil, scented candles and all natural handmade soaps, body scrubs all handmade in St Vincent & the Grenadines.

For over 60 years Theo Saunders Shop has been in operation supplying artisans with art and craft materials.

Through the years the shop has been in several locations around town, currently it is on Bonadie Street in the Heritage Square area.

The public is invited to check out the line.