RDCC donates to Argyle International Airport
October 22, 2010
RDCC donates to Argyle International Airport

Members of the Argyle Rawacou Development Council Corporation (RDCC) last Saturday, October 16, gathered at the Argyle Airport site to show solidarity for the project by making a donation to the Argyle Airport Contributory Fund Ac# 200884.{{more}}

Speaking prior to the handing over, Vice President of the RDCC, Vincent Benjamin stated that the airport coming on stream is an important initiative and that the Rawacou site stands to benefit possibly more than any other site from the spinoffs that will come from the airport.

He also noted that they are cognizant that the Rawacou site will have to be developed to international standards since they are anticipating increased use of the site and are hoping that people will spend a few hours relaxing there before flying off to their various destinations.

He described the relationship between the RDCC and the International Airport Development Company (IADC) as symbiotic, recognizing that due to the location of the site in relation to the airport, they need to put something into it. Benjamin called on Vincentians everywhere to put their shoulders to the wheel and contribute to the airport project.

Speaking on behalf of the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority which works closely with the RDCC, Superintendent of Marine and Terrestial Parks Andrew Lockhart noted that the donation was a symbolic gesture of solidarity, support and coorporation for a national initiative. He congratulated the group noting that their gesture speaks volumes for their spirit of community development.

IADC’s Communication Officer Jennifer Richardson, in accepting the cheque, said her hope is that other organizations would come on board and contribute in a similar way as the RDCC and the Rose Hall Cultural Development Organisation have done. She also noted that the airport will bring with it lots of opportunities for development, and it is, therefore, up to organizations and individuals to ensure that they are in a position to take advantage of these opportunities.

The cheque for EC$500.00 was handed over by Member of RDCC, Peter Pompey, who explained that the money donated was taken from profits realized by the group through its various fundraising efforts.

Pompey said the donation was their independence gift to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and particularly to the development of the airport. They hope in the near future to make other contributions.