March 2, 2007
Vermont to get resident doctor within few months

In the next couple of months residents of Vermont will have their own district doctor from Cuba for the next two years.

According to the Minister of Health and the Environment Dr. Douglas Slater, it is the first time in history that there will be a district doctor living in the area.{{more}}

Expressing his happiness with having a permanent doctor in Vermont, Dr. Slater, who is also the parliamentary representative for the area said that this would be of great advantage of the persons living in Vermont.

“When they are feeling ill they do not have to travel all the way to town any more but rather they will just go to the health center and get their problem solved in the district free of charge,” Slater told SEARCHLIGHT.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Slater stated that despite the fact that there is a doctor in the Pembroke district these doctors are usually general practitioners and usually have their own private practices. This however will be different with the arrival of the Cuban doctor as that person will be concerned only with the district.

Slater stated that the government is trying to train local doctors, but in some cases when these persons are trained they usually migrate to other countries.

The doctor will be living at the Vermont Health Center, which was constructed about two years ago.

“I am calling on the residents of Vermont to show their hospitality to the doctor when he arrives at the centre,” Slater stated.

When asked about his plans for Vermont, Slater stated they are planning to improve the mountain roads, which they have already started in some areas and some other roads. He is also planning on developing the playing field.

Slater is also calling on the youths in the area to become mobilized and participate in sports and other community activities.