Full Disclosure
March 17, 2006
Nation Building – The Struggle Continues

March 14th is celebrated as National Heroes Day in our Country. Our people must be commended for recognizing the hard work and dedication of many of our nation builders and heroes who have labored relentlessly, making significant contributions in different spheres, thereby assisting the development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. {{more}}

Firstly, commendation must be given to the National Youth Council and the many Organizations in our Country such as Projects Promotion, Reparation Brothers, Dimonites, TNTG and the Chatoyer Youth Group, among many others who have ensured that for another year our Heroes and Nation Builders are recognized by the hosting of various activities around the island which began from Sunday 12th – 14th March. This is sure evidence that our Youth have recognized the excellent job done by many stalwarts in the past and this may very well be an indication as to the task that they recognize resides ahead.

One very important element of the March 14th celebration is that it does not only possess retrospective significance, but is of prospective importance, since the Day acts as an encouragement to those who currently fight to champion all national causes. It is this fight that must continue irrespective of the many dangers and fears which one may encounter in so doing.

Nation Builders and National Heroes

In the development of any civilization there is always a group of persons who will do the extra by sacrificing their time and resources which could have been spent for personal use in a bid to make a much needed contribution towards the development of the whole community. It is the collective sums of such efforts which nurture our civilization.

A nation builder is similar to a national hero because both categories of persons would have done some work towards the development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on a national front. Immediately, many names come to the forefront of our minds, as soon as we hear the words ‘nation builder’ or ‘national hero’ being mentioned. For the contributions of all we must be grateful.

Christianity is the form of religion to which I subscribe, and it is detailed in the Scriptures of the Bible that our time on earth is relatively limited. In fact, we live our lives with a great level of uncertainty since though an end to life is certain, the time is unbeknown to us. Yet many will put aside ‘self’ and personal aggrandizement and labor for the nation, regardless of threats to the physical self, increased strains on personal resources and discouragements from even our neighbors. Most of this work will go without monetary payment, but a true Nation Builder and Hero sees payment not in currency, but in his ability to contribute and sacrifice in order to assist with the completion of the final product – the nation’s development being key. In this regard, we must strive to be nation builders in our own right.

It is excellent to focus one day on remembering the efforts of those who have toiled for our nation in the past, but all Vincentians who continue must ensure that in the remaining three hundred and sixty four days that we work steadfastly towards the construction, and reconstruction in many instances, of many of the important facets of this our Blessed Nation. Whilst thanking those who have made numerous contributions we must search ourselves and begin to plan for our contribution. In the same vein we must not allow ourselves to become stuck in the planning stage. Instead, we must allow the hardworking spirit of the Nation builders who have assisted in bringing us thus far, to act as a much needed encouragement in our times of discouragement.

Today, there are still many causes but fewer persons are willing to fight for them. We must at all times remember that we have within us what it takes to assist in the building of our nation. Development of any nation begins with the people. Certainly, the future of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will depend on how adequately we as Vincentians will be able to utilize and manage our human resources through a carefully planned approach to development.

Therefore whilst we take a time off to remember our Heroes and Nation Builders, we must take careful note while we honor that it is a part of our duty to continue.