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October 8, 2010
Layou man found dead in ‘Swamp Gut’

When 50-year-old Samuel Lewis did not come home on Tuesday night, his mother Cynthia Hazlewood was immediately concerned, since it was not common for her son to sleep out.{{more}}

“Ah couldn’t sleep at all. And this morning (Wednesday) when ah wake and ah didn’t see him again, I call his sisters and tell them he didn’t come home.”

A search party was soon organized by family members and friends to look for Lewis, also known as Bowman, who was last seen just after midday the day before.

Sometime on Wednesday afternoon, Lewis’ body was discovered in an area known as ‘Swamp Gut’ in Layou by one of his cousins who was looking for him.

He was found at the edge of a river, face down on a boulder below a breadfruit tree.

It is believed by the man’s family that he was in the breadfruit tree and fell about 25 feet to his death.

“His neck break, his face and chest mash up,” related Caroline Hazlewood, one of Bowman’s sisters.

Caroline, along with his two other sisters, Annie and Doretha and brother Daniel joined their mother and other family members and relatives outside his Texier Road home, where they reminisced about the man who was described as friendly, dedicated and loyal.

“He used to do anything for anybody, and if anybody want anything they calling him.”

“When the old queen take in at night, she will call Bowman and he will alert everybody,” Caroline added.

The siblings indicated that their mother suffers from heart and stomach problems as well as high blood pressure, and that Bowman was the only child to live with her.

One of Bowman’s close friends and neighbours, identified as ‘Mattie’, said that the village has suffered a great loss with his passing.

“Bowman was like a son to me. He was genuine and nice. I could have rely on him for anything, and when he went missing, I was distressed. Now that I hear he is dead, it take a lot from me. He is gone but not forgotten.”

Another friend, known as ‘Doc C’, said that plans had already been made with the deceased and others, for a number of hunting expeditions that were to take place this season.

Bowman was described as the vice captain of the hunting party.

The family indicated that Lewis is scheduled to be buried next Sunday in Layou.

They say that he will truly be missed by all.

“Now that he gone I feel so sorry. Ah go miss him well,” mom Cynthia stated.

“Ah go miss him a lot because he was a good brother,” added Caroline.