February 3, 2006
Omega 3 – great brain food for children

Results of the Largest Ever Study Into Omega 3 and Children’s Concentration!

Mainstream children shown to benefit by 35% from taking Fish Oil supplement

Granny always said fish was good for the brain and the latest research from the Dyscovery Centre bears this out. Over 23 schools and 120 children took part in the largest ever multi-centre study across the UK to find out whether a daily dose of Omega 3 fish oil with vitamins would help children concentrate better and improve their behaviour in school and at home. {{more}}The study provided pupils aged between six and 11 years, with a real opportunity to improve their learning, behaviour and concentration levels.

The report written by Dr. Amanda Kirby, founder of the Dyscovery Centre in Cardiff who conducted the analysis in conjunction with the Department of Education at University of Wales in Newport, found that taking Omega 3 fish oil with vitamins improves children’s behaviour and concentration levels by a substantial 35%. Dr Kirby said: “I am surprised by these results; they are very interesting, this is such a significant difference and the key thing here is that these children are in mainstream classes and they have shown such a significant improvement in attention and behaviour, which will mean they are learning better and therefore learning more which has long term implications.”

Current research points to the fact that today’s children are deficient in Omega-3 and this may be a factor in causing attention problems and learning difficulties. The dramatic effect of Omega 3 on children may hinge on several functions of fatty acids in the brain. A specific fatty acid DHA makes up 25% of the brain and is a structural component of brain cells, it is necessary for children’s brain development. The body can’t manufacture Omega 3 fatty acids, you have to eat them. It is recommended that we eat two portions of oily fish in our weekly diet. However, 68% of families admit to eating no fish at all and it is thought that most children are deficient in these essential fatty acids. Although fish are widely regarded as beneficial, kids themselves mainly think they taste yuck.

Teachers and parents at all the schools completed a questionnaire before and after the children received the supplement. Haliborange provided an Omega 3 Fish Oil For Kids for the study. The pleasant tasting orange syrup contains Omega-3 and vitamins and is specially formulated for children with a fruity taste the children loved.

The results collected from the teachers and parents’ rating scales reported a vast improvement in the attentiveness and concentration levels:

• More conscientious

• Better at paying attention

• More alert and focussed

• Listening more carefully.