Beauty Beat
May 19, 2006
Technique for helping discoloured lips

1. Use a lip light to reflect light evenly away from uneven dark lips.

2. Use an oil-free lip toner or foundation to even out lip colour.

3. Use a lip balancer as a natural stain to even out and build up on the pink discoloration. A lip balancer will interfere with light lipstick shade and is not recommended in this instance.{{more}}

4. Use a medium to dark oil-free cover stick to help even out discoloured lips.

Do’s and Don’ts for combination skin:

1. Do drink eight glasses of water daily.

2. Do choose skin fresheners and toners formulated for normal and combination skin based on the season.

3. Do use during the summer season oil- free products that are light in texture.

4. Do use products formulated and tested for normal and combination skin.

1. Don’t use the product year-round. Your skin type changes dramatically. Observe your skin and note the oily and dry areas.

2. Don’t use the abrasive cosmetic tools over the entire face.

By Auldine A.K. Browne
Cosmetologist, Make-up Artist & Tutor Barnet Fair Hair Fashion
456-4496 or 530-2334