January 27, 2015
SVG tops region in trained track and field coaches – TASVG head

“We have trained more coaches than any other country in the Caribbean, including Jamaica.”

That was the declaration of president of Team Athletics SVG Keith Joseph, during the organization’s 2014 Awards Ceremony last Saturday at Frenches House.{{more}}

But Joseph was quick to point out that many of the certified coaches are inactive.

“ … The problem for us is too many hang their certificates and are proud to say I got that,” he declared.

Speaking directly to the 16 new certified Level One coaches, Joseph, in his admonition and recommendation stated: “The proof of your coaching certification is your delivery, of reaching out to athletes across the country.”

Joseph noted, “Sports brings people… It is time we utilize it to bring our people together …We have been asked to establish a programme that will seek an opportunity for us to use the sport as a vehicle for community development.”

Mapping out the track which his organization intends to pursue, Joseph added, “We have graduates from different parts of the island that we can utilize in the development of athletes, but also working with the schools and the communities to develop community based clubs.”

But according to Joseph, Team Athletics SVG’s objectives are phased in time-frames.

“The latest foray that we have made is the discussion we have started at the Olympic level in the Caribbean to work with Canada to bring to the Caribbean what we call the Long-Term Athletic Process … We have a core of people who know the fundamentals of the programme and who we want to work together to fashion for our sport a Long-Term Athlete Development Strategy from the very beginning … Fashioning curricula in tandem with the Ministry of Education from pre-school to tertiary level education,” the Team Athletics SVG head man outlined.

Last Saturday’s ceremony was held under the theme “Building Strong Communities through Sports.”(RT)