Students learn that there’s no easy way at taekwondo
December 27, 2013
Students learn that there’s no easy way at taekwondo

Adult students of the Yin-Yang Martial Arts and Fitness Center situated at Middle Street, last Saturday, December 21, 2013, were taken through a tough grading exercise, the last for the 2013 calendar year.{{more}}

Facilitated by third Degree Black Belt Sensei Vanburn Harry, the grading dealt with those of the white, yellow, green, and red belt groups.

Not only were the students asked to demonstrate the various forms, but also their proficiency in self-defense and power was tested by ability to break boards.

Sensei Harry made known his displeasure with the standards displayed by a number of students, despite all of them moving on to the next belt group.

He told the students that they need to pay attention to what is being taught to them, and in the case of a few, not wait until when they come to the dojo to train.

He pointed out that now they are to grasp and learn everything in the art form, for when one attains the rank of black belt, it is not to assume that one has made it or reached the pinnacle of martial arts.

It is at this stage that one must train and re-train, mastering the art form and even refining it to become the best.

He advised the holders of the senior belt groups that they must demonstrate their knowledge of taekwondo, because they are entering the stage where they must begin to teach others.

Sensei Harry warned students about attendance, for that would become a factor in determining eligibility for graduation. The students of the Yin Yang Martial Arts School were also warned that come 2014, they would face experienced vigorous training from Sensei Harry and the other blackbelts.

This is as they will be inculcated with the principles of Taekwondo, the 2,000-year-old leg-based martial arts exported from Korea to the world, seen as as an investment in one’s well-being. (Robertson S. Henry/[email protected])