December 18, 2009
Possession, then What?


Editor: Congratulations to the organizers of the Secondary Schools’ Soccer Tournament and to the Champions of both the Under 16’s and under 20’s, especially Bequia, for having their two school teams in the final four of each of the competitions.{{more}}

Our coaches and players are very thankful to the sponsors for giving them the opportunity to realize their potential. Many spectators missed out seeing the youths exhibit their soccer skills and talent. However, it was pleasing that teams had a higher percentage of ball possession than relying on individuals. Now emphasis must be placed on applying the various tactical purposes when having possession.

Buccament Bay Secondary School exhibited some inter-relative movements but their finishing was weak. Generally, most wing-backs and defenders need to be more tactically involved when having possession to give support in width depth, and in what-ever situation. So, coaches, there is more work to be done.

Even our clubs and national teams do not utilize the purposes and opportunities of and when having possession effectively. There is a lack of tactical support in team transformation, and in transition, especially in attack. The team loses or gives away the ball between three and five passes, which makes it recognizable and even difficult for commentators to say who is in or has possession. This may be so because these purposes were never realized at school level. Now it seems difficult to develop as players become older and practice less. So it is imperative that more “quality coaches” assist the schools in their preparations, so in the future these purposes will filter into the clubs and National Teams.

Because teachers who coach their school teams are often transferred, efforts should be made to write reports on tournaments: “evaluating the team’s preparation and performances, so in future, areas both weak and strong would be given equal and special attention, so that there would be continuity, stability and development, and if the coaches were to sit with the referees who would identify the fouls, those that were inconsistent with the laws and rules and those which were not necessary, Coaches would then have to make the necessary corrections and reinforce good practices, not only by practical work but through enhancing the players knowledge so that they will have a better understanding and respect for others and the game.”

Copying soccer drills from books will help when coaching and developing players to best utilize their abilities. Not being able to recognize the player requirements and process of development, will result in inconsistent and unsatisfying results.

Now, what will be your answer? What development in soccer has been in place since SVGFF executives have been collecting the FIFA development funds?

Buy yourself a ball for Christmas!

Coach ‘Rollit’ Walrond