May 27, 2011
Animal welfare in SVG

First, let me commend all of you great pet owners out there, for continuing to keep good ol’ Spot healthy and happy! However, this week, I would like to take a break from the usual article and bring your attention to an initiative that two young ladies are attempting to implement in SVG.{{more}}

Two US Peace Corps Volunteers are in the process of forming a group of committed individuals who are willing to take a stand for the welfare of the underprivileged furry friends in our island state. They aim to achieve a positive change in the perception and treatment of animals in SVG. Although the Volunteers have ideas of their own, the initiative will not be effective or sustainable without a group of enthusiastic and dedicated Vincentians acting as the essential backbone of the movement.

As we have all observed at one time or another, our streets are riddled with many homeless cats and dogs that are for the most part scorned by the general public. In order to alleviate this condition, and with the ultimate motivation being to attain the betterment of the quality of animal-life in the country, the program hopes to effectively educate the people of SVG on the respectful treatment of all animals. Additionally, they hope to secure resources to assist them in providing discounted, if not free, sterilization for cats and dogs in the country. All will benefit through preventative measures such as spaying and neutering; this will mean less unwanted animals on the street, less of a burden to everyone, and less of an eyesore to tourists.

A major goal is to one day erect an animal shelter where sick, abused and abandoned animals can be rehabilitated and adopted.

This is no easy feat for just two people, so I encourage all persons interested in being a part of this venture to contact them ASAP at An introductory meeting will take place towards the end of June for all those who are interested.

In order to achieve an active and sustainable local society of Vincentians committed to attaining the betterment of the quality of animal-life in the country.

For further information, contact: Dr. Collin Boyle Unique Animal Care Co. Ltd. Tel: 456 4981