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March 7, 2014
We don’t like it!

Fri Mar 07, 2013

EDITOR: It’s a statement that always goes through my mind when someone or some entity engages in a course of action that inevitably hurts self. For example, Kim Collins has possibly been the best performer in the indoor championships this year. Yet the St Kitts and Nevis Athletic Association (SKNAAA) has deliberately left him off the team for the World Indoor Championships upcoming in Poland.{{more}}

It makes me also think of the Chris Gayle – WICB saga, where he was refused to be picked, even though he is arguably one of the best in the game and in the West Indies. It makes me think of the recent Kirk Edwards situation, where he had to return home, booted out of the Barbados Super 50 team. This situation could have been avoided and even the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) tried to avoid it by offering to sign the contract Kirk Edwards wouldn’t sign, thereby assuming the obligations under it. But the Barbados Cricket Authority refused and instead chose to leave their arguably best player out of the team. Even though they went on to dominate and win the tournament, who knows how much better the performances would have been with Kirk Edwards on the side?

In 2004, the West Indies Cricket Board booted the best player in the world out of their side, forcing him to retire prematurely. This put the final nail in the coffin of an era of domination of world cricket by the West Indies. Yes, you may say that the slide began even before Lara’s departure and even during the last days of Hooper, Walsh and Ambrose. But think back to the 153* in Barbados and ask yourself whether there has been an innings like that since then. Recently, retired Jacques Kallis hailed Lara as the best, even though Tendulkar may statistically be deemed more competent.

Then there is the political atmosphere in St Vincent and the Grenadines. I am reminded of the Opposition Leader’s reasons for the march when the Taiwanese President visited. And I am amazed at how some would seek to score political points by denigrating our beloved country, even in the recent Consulate situation. When will we stop the self-infliction of pain and emancipate ourselves from this mental slavery?

Kezron J.S. Walters