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December 6, 2013
Some mini van operators disregarding the law

Fri Dec 6, 2013

Editor: Those mini vans are very important means of transportation. Those who are involved in the trade ought to be complimented for providing the services. I know it is a costly business and it has to be done in a way to make it profitable.{{more}}

Of concern, however, is the disregard by many van drivers for the law. Many times vans at both little Tokyo and the Leeward bus terminal can be seen blocking the entrance and exit. They would be parked at the end of the exit of both terminals and those vans behind are prevented from passing. Sometimes these situations look chaotic.

I am left to wonder many times if police officers are afraid to patrol these places. I know at the Leeward bus terminal sometimes police officers are present and when they are, the vans comply and the traffic flows smoothly. However, when the officers are not present, it can become chaotic. The police presence at these bus terminals need to be more frequent.

I strongly recommend a system where the vans line up in order. This system would prevent some of the blockages that are caused by many vans. It would also ensure that vans keep to the designated areas where they are supposed to park and also it would allow for a smoother flow of traffic in and out of both terminals.

It is sad that many van drivers are not willing to cooperate in this area. The North Leeward vans started this system which was working well. However, lately, we are seeing some vans not cooperating, but instead running against other vans. This occurrence is rather unfortunate, for since it was agreed upon, then there should be cooperation.

For this system would help the vans to travel quicker in and out of Kingstown and would ensure that each van gets an equal opportunity to do business. If other areas adopt this method it would also minimize the grave harassment passengers face from conductors who want passengers to travel in their vans. Many conductors would argue and try to grab passengers’ bags in order to ensure that the passenger travels with him. Thus, if the line up system should be implemented, then there would be no need for such harassment.

This line up system has worked well in some Caribbean countries, namely, Trinidad, St Lucia and Barbados. Therefore it can work well here in St Vincent. Think about it, van drivers and owners, and cooperate with one another. After all, cooperation and survival are important.

Kennard King