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November 5, 2013
Local businesses need to be more innovative

Tue Nov 05, 2013

EDITOR: While some businesses locally are closing down, foreign businesses are expanding. So, is it really because of the poor state of the economy why some local businesses are closing? Your guess is as good as mine.{{more}}

When we look at the foreign businesses as against the locals, it is interesting to note that many workers in businesses lack professionalism. Many workers and owners of businesses are not polite and friendly. Some local persons are not trustworthy. You take, for example, some technicians in different fields are sometimes guilty of stealing parts and sometimes overcharge and give poor service. Some of them seem not to know how to deal with problems that occur with an appliance and other machines.

Importantly, the Syrians and Chinese who own many businesses in this blessed land of ours do not seek to compete with each other. They are cooperative and order their materials as one group. Thus they are able to get their products cheaper and also it would be cheaper in freight and insurance and even customs expenses.

As a result, they are able to sell their stuff cheaper. Thus they are able to make good profit on their business while the locals are also competing against each other and not willing to cooperate with each other.

I think it is time the locals consider forming themselves into small groups and order their products as one rather than individually. By doing so, it would mean that goods bought in bulk would be cheaper, rather than each person doing it individually.

It is also important that many workers deal with customers in a professional way. Sales personnel need to be convincing and helpful. Also many local businesses need to be innovative and have their business be customer friendly. Of course there are many local businesses that are doing well and expanding. These local businesses are innovative and customer friendly. Also customers can trust them. But when some workers are dishonest and lack the business-like approach, then they would suffer.

Kennard King